DyNAbind Joins biosaxony

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DyNAbind is happy to announce that it is now a member of biosaxony! In their own words

biosaxony is the association of the biotechnology/medical technology sector in the region of Saxony. Its members represent the various companies, research institutes and lobbyists working in biotechnology and medtech and the related areas of engineering and material sciences in Saxony. It pulls the different strands of biotech and medtech together, gauges its members’ needs, and represents their interests. biosaxony’s responsibilities include initiating projects between industry and research, pinpointing services and know-how, harnessing synergies, and highlighting regional expertise in order to support the value-added development of these cross-cutting technologies. Other elements of its cluster work include developing new ideas and strategies as well promoting sustainable technology transfer, such as at its partnering conference bionection. Local work is strengthened by biosaxony’s two offices in Leipzig and Dresden.

We’re looking forward to working with biosaxony to further strengthen the biotech sector in our region! Visit their website to learn more.

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