DyNAbind now offers a fragment-based DEL kit available through MilliporeSigma!

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After about a year and a half of planning and development, we’re happy to announce that in addition to our existing discovery collaboration framework, DyNAbind is now offering a carefully selected portion of our DNA-Encoded Library collection as a kit for the do-it-yourself minded laboratory. Out of our collection of hundreds of millions of structures, we’ve selected about 370,000 fragment pairs that cover a broad chemical space with ideal physicochemical properties to offer a great starting point for speculative or risky drug discovery projects.

A key part of our mission has always been to empower academic researchers with the best tools available to run drug discovery projects on novel targets in their labs. For groups that previously found drug discovery collaborations to be financially infeasible, these kits will offer a de-risked, affordable entry point to DEL discovery! Any lab with common biochemistry and molecular biology skills and equipment can now harness the power of these kits for themselves.

Even better is that DyNAbind is still available to work with kit users downstream. Once you’ve found promising hits for your targets, we’ll be ready to join forces with you, using our proprietary hit validation tools and expertise in fragment-based hit discovery and development to bring out your hit’s full potential!

We’ve partnered with MilliporeSigma to distribute the kits through their webshop and offer online deconvolution and analysis of the results. The kits are sold on a research-use-only license, which means that the results can be used for publications or to support grant applications. Commercialization of discovered hit compounds will require a licensing agreement with DyNAbind.