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Pharma/CROs Not Yet Using DEL Technologies

Let us show you how a partnership with DyNAbind can augment, accelerate and reduce the risk in your discovery campaigns! Our fragment and small-molecule based Dynamic Libraries are carefully designed to offer maximized coverage of chemical space, while avoiding the molecular obesity and high lipophilicity common in large DELs.

Our DEL technologies complement your existing discovery infrastructure, with the option to run a DEL campaign before an HTS process to narrow the chemical space, or in parallel for orthogonal selection. A number of other options exist for e.g. resynthesis of hits for crystallography or rapid screening among isoforms and control proteins for affinity and specificity maturation.

Above all else, we’re dedicated to finding customized solutions to meet the needs of any partner. Contact us today for more information!

DyNAbind’s technologies are poised to make the power of large library selection more accessible than ever before. We have attractive partnership opportunities for groups of any size.

Pharma/CROs Already With In-House DEL Technologies

For groups already using some form of DEL technology, we can offer several opportunities:

  • Binding Profiler validation: get full kinetic information, including on- and off-rates for hundreds of on-DNA hits in just days.
  • Hit cluster analysis and SAR investigation.
  • Technology transfer for in-house use.
  • Custom library synthesis and selection: increase the potency and specificity of your hits with a customized Dynamic Library. DyNAbind will work with your medicinal chemistry team to generate a specialized library covering a specific chemical space, either fragment or small-molecule based, taking full advantage of DyNAbind’s Dynamic Library technologies.

Academic or Patient Advocacy Groups

DyNAbind’s technologies can affordably put the power of large library selection into your hands. Selections among our libraries can be used to give a “chemical fingerprint” and test the drugability of your target for initial medicinal chemistry work.

DyNAbind is also interested in discussing joint grant proposals for work on exotic, novel or orphan diseases.