Next-Generation Solutions
for Drug Discovery

At DyNAbind, our mission is simple: enable groups of any size to tackle their drug discovery challenges. Our suite of novel DNA-Encoded Library technologies brings the method to unprecedented levels of power and reliability. We invite you to get in touch to learn more about what sets DyNAbind apart and how our novel approach to DEL discovery can put you on the fastest path to higher-quality, more reliable medicinal chemistry start points.

Why Trust DyNAbind with your Discovery Project?

DyNAbind’s patented tools and high-quality libraries are redefining what DNA-Encoded Libraries are capable of. Our suite of technologies was built from the ground up to meet our goals of expanding chemical space coverage and returning more reliable, more relevant hits.

Dynamic Libraries

A novel DNA architecture that constantly creates new structures to drive generation of stronger binders. The use of dual-DNA presentation further increases the chemical space covered by reducing our reliance on DNA-compatible chemistry all while giving over 30-fold improved signal-to-noise ratios.

Path-Coding Algorithm

The hits from a DEL can only be as good as the informatic pipeline powering it. Our patented path-coding system offers built-in error proofing of sequences to reduce both false positive and false negative hits, increasing usable sequences by over 37%.

Binding Profiler Validation

We know that time is precious, which is why we built the Binding Profiler system for hit validation. Even multi-pharmacophore hits can be quickly validated on-DNA to return on-rates, off-rates and dissociation constants, so your medicinal chemistry team is only putting their energy into the highest priority hit compounds.

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