All About DyNAbind

Our Story

DyNAbind has been offering cutting-edge DNA Encoded Library products and partnerships since our foundation in 2017, but our story really starts years earlier. DyNAbind’s scientific founders met while working together in the group of Professor Yixin Zhang at Technische Universität Dresden. We were all excited by the promise and potential of DNA-Encoded Libraries as drug discovery tools, but troubled by its historical issues with library quality and data reliability. Over the next few years, we built up a robust collection of tools to address these challenges, which became the core of DyNAbind’s technology platform. In 2015, we were awarded prestigious EXIST Forschungstransfer funding from the German federal government to scale our technologies into a business.


Over the next two years we strengthened our team to bring in proven experience in IP and financial management while building up our first full-size libraries and already running our first proof-of-concept projects with partners from Big Pharma and academic sectors. Since foundation we’ve remained ambitious, regularly inking new drug discovery deals and bringing innovative new concepts to the market, like our DEL kits aimed at academic groups, distributed through our partnership with MilliporeSigma. Closing an investment round with multiple European venture capital firms in 2019 gave us further fuel to grow our team and keep pushing the limits of DEL drug discovery. While our team and vision continue to grow, our core goal remains the same: to develop the best solution for any drug discovery project, empowering our partners with the fastest way to high quality, more reliable medicinal chemistry starting points.

Our Team

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson, PhD


Originally coming from the US, Michael is a trained chemist from a family of entrepreneurs. In 2014 he began to lead the team in developing the business concept and securing funding, and has served as CEO since the company’s foundation in 2017. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Michael still leads the computational chemistry and library design teams at DyNAbind.

Francesco V. Reddavide

Francesco Reddavide, Ph.D.

Director R&D

A biotechnologist from Italy, Francesco is the principle creator of DyNAbind’s Dynamic Library and Binding Profiler technologies. He has been with the team since the very beginning, and has served as Director of Research and Development since company foundation in 2017, where he continues to innovate novel DEL technologies.

Norbert Höfgen

Dr. Norbert Höfgen

Strategic Advisor

Norbert is a trained medicinal chemist from Germany with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Upon joining DyNAbind in 2015, Norbert strengthened the team with his know-how in organizational development and IP management. He has helped building up the company, and served as strategic advisor since company foundation in 2017.