DyNAbind and Salipro Biotech enter collaboration agreement

DyNAbind and Salipro Biotech enter collaboration agreement

Dresden/Stockholm. DyNAbind GmbH and Salipro Biotech AB are teaming up to tackle drug discovery against challenging membrane protein targets! By bringing together DyNAbind’s proprietary DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technologies with Salipro’s proprietary membrane stabilizing platform technology, the teams aim to accelerate the development of novel drugs for these contemporary targets.

Michael Thompson, co-founder and CEO of DyNAbind, explains the importance of this collaboration: “Membrane proteins represent an increasingly important, yet difficult-to-drug class of protein targets. Together with Salipro Biotech, we aim to set up a comprehensive discovery process to address this specific protein target group, and continuing to expand our target space to enable our current and future pharma partners to develop completely novel first-in-class medicines.”

Jens Frauenfeld, co-founder and CEO of Salipro Biotech AB: “We are excited to develop novel hits for challenging drug targets such as GPCR and Ion Channels with DyNAbind. Generating drugs against membrane proteins remains a most challenging task, but by combining the strengths of our Salipro® platform technology for membrane proteins with the Dynamic Library technology of DyNAbind, we will open up entirely new possibilities for us and our partners to make the undruggable druggable.” Financial terms of the collaboration agreement were not disclosed.

About Salipro Biotech AB
Salipro Biotech is a privately held biotech company focused on unlocking challenging drug targets for the development of next-generation therapeutics. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with a fully owned IP portfolio that covers the Salipro® platform technology for the stabilization of membrane proteins.

The majority of drug targets are so-called membrane proteins; however, these targets are inherently unstable and challenging to investigate. The proprietary Salipro® technology stabilizes membrane proteins in their native forms, enabling them to be employed in drug discovery programs for therapeutic antibodies, small molecule drugs and structure-based drug design.

To date, Salipro Biotech has signed multiple research collaborations with top-tier pharma and biotech companies. Through our in-house and partnered pipelines, we drive the discovery of novel drugs.

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